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Material: nylon

Open cover: zipper

With or without tank: yes

Bag internal structure: certificate bag, mobile phone bag, zipper bag, computer bag

Function: breathable, load – reducing, seismic

Applicable gender: male/female

Luggage size: medium

Style: one shoulder bag

Number of straps: single

A: simplified version

B: thickening

C: TM150 original

D: no standard for the thickened version

E: the simplified version has no standard

The difference between the original version and the simplified version is as follows:

1> Simplified fabric

2> The simplified version has no pen pocket

3> The simplified version does not have a computer strap

4> The simplified version of the shoulder strap and hook are relatively thin

5> There is no reinforcement tape on the back of the simplified version

6> The shoulder strap hook is also different

Bag size: 12 inch bag is suitable for notebooks under 12.5 inch

The appearance size is: 34 * 25 * 6cm

The liner size is: 32 * 23 * 4cm

The 14-inch bag is suitable for any notebook under 14.6 inches. Technical Parameters

Appearance size: length 39CM, width 29CM, thickness 8CM

Liner size: 36CM long, 26CM wide, and 4CM thick

The 15-inch bag is suitable for any 15.6-inch notebook

Appearance size: length 41CM, width 32CM, thickness 8CM

Liner size: length 38cm, width 28cm, thickness 4cm

The 17-inch bag is suitable for notebooks under 17.3 inches

Appearance size: length 44cm, width 34cm, thickness 8cm

Liner size: length 42cm, width 32cm, thickness 4cm

Additional information

Weight 0.50 kg
Dimensions 390 × 290 × 80 cm

14 inches, 15 inches, 17 inches


A, B, D


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